Salomé Chatriot

Selected Personnal —
2019 - IN UPDATE
  • Synthetic Bodies, Paris
  • Fragile Ecosystem, Geneva
  • TTBD, Nicoletti Contemporary, London (forthcoming)
  • Biomatter, Paris (Forthcoming)
  • Spaced in Lost v2, Galerie Charraudeau (Forthcoming)
2018 2017

Selected Commissionned —
2019 - IN UPDATE
  • Interactive Installation for Levi’s at Le bon Marché in Paris - 

  • 3D modeling for Nomea Lawyers, Geneva (CH) - (Private)
  • ‘Venus Rises’, a digital image series for Anna Toussain’s Sound Project exhibited in Ecal, Lausanne (CH)

-Digital &


After graduating from the prestigious Swiss University of arts and design of Lausanne, Salomé Chatriot has been working from Paris as a contemporary artist and an mutimedia interaction designer.

As an artist, her work focuses on the creation of physical and virtual spaces: she builds machines and installations where electronic sculptures and digital images coexist. Fascinated by the way science treats body[ies] through data-oriented objectivity, she uses potential futures and new technologies to shape a fluid, digital and precious identity.
In disagreement with the techno-negative attitude, the ecosystems she produces always bear the mark of a certain healing. The well-being she wishes to transmit often involves the real-time diffusion of organic flows such as breathing, circulation of liquids and [al] chemical transformations. In her artistic creations, the process is as important as the result: experimenting and manipulating physical, electronic, digital and virtual materials in the manner of a scientist; with rigour and precision. In a recent interview for Clot magazine, she was asked to define how she saw her own artistic practice. The answer: ’a kind of Dr. Frankeinstein super tech version’.

Established in the contemporary art world in France and internationally, she has exhibited her work in many world-renowned institutions: from the salone internazionale del mobile in Milano (IT) , to the File festival in São Paulo (BR), Passing by San Francisco (US), London (EN) and Paris, where she had her rst solo show during La Totale (FR). Currently working on a new immersive show for june in Geneva, she also collaborates with Samuel Fasse on two upcoming solo exhibitions in Paris and London at Nicoletti Contemporary.

Currently Living and working in Paris